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If you want your cd's duplicated by someone who is communicative, expedient, and cares deeply about the quality of what you're getting, REALTIME is your answer.  By going with REALTIME, there were a lot of great options I could choose from (including eco-friendly options), I got a quote the same day I asked for one, and it was full speed ahead when I made a decision. My graphic designer was amazed at how specific his artwork specs were so she could get him exactly what he needed without any runaround.  Pip was very careful about making sure my cd came out looking exactly how I wanted it, but he was also able to deliver it in 5 days.  Awesome.  He's your man.

-Annastasia Workman, house composer of Cafe Nordo, ringleader of Two Horses Too Many, Seattle's weirdest spaghetti western band.


Pip printed 200 copies in a week! The colors were spot on as well. I had my artwork printed in poster form at a different printer and the artwork was too warm.

Pip even liked my artwork so much he upgraded me to full color on the CD for free! Whole process was very easy and even fun! Excellent quality, great price and great guy to talk to.

-Marina Christopher


Hey Pip,  we've gotten tons of compliments on the album, and most of it has been on the art and packaging. They really stand out no matter how you display them. Thanks for your work on this! I know I can always count on a perfectly executed printing when I order through you. Keep up the awesome work!

-Gabe Seavelo, Grid Hopper


Pip- I wanted to thank you again for working with us on our album.  The final result was even better than we had hoped for (the quality of the printing is excellent).  I can't tell you how pleased I am.  You made the process easy and painless, you answered all of our questions, you took time to meet with me, and you delivered a few days earlier than expected!  I cringed at the thought of sending our music and artwork across the country to a company that charges extra if you actually want your layout reviewed by human eyes prior to printing, and I'm glad that there is a local option that offers such a quality product.  Thanks again, and take care-

-Blair, Case and Ctrl


Pip- We have been doing the work of the Foundation in earnest for over a decade.  So, with a lot of water under the bridge I can tell you that we don't meet many people that are as conscientious and able as you and your associates are.  It is great doing business with you and we pray that we will have many more orders as time progresses.  Thank You, we are grateful for your work and especially your perseverance. 

-Walt & Billie McCandless, The Christopher McCandless Foundation (Back To The Wild DVD)

I've worked with Pip for years, and once i found him, we have not strayed.  He has been reliable, knowledgable, and helpful for all our jobs, both small or large.  He gives real personal service at a competitive price.  Highly recommended.

-Mariann Krizsan (Spiderweb Software)


Here's a check.  Thanx again, Pip!

- Peter Cetera (Chicago)


Pip just did a short run, short lead time job for the Sgt Bones CD project, and the end result looks fabulous!  I'll be recommending him for my short run clients from now on.  Great job!

- Steve Turnidge (Ultraviolet Studios)


Pip is the best!  Great guy...and a real pro.  I had over 20 major label releases, but when I went independent several years ago, Pip was there to take care of all my various large and small scale CD and DVD projects.  I highly recommend, reliable, friendly...and he will get you down the road for the right price!

- David Lanz


You rock, Mr. Pip!

- John Bishop (Origin Records)

I've been a customer of Realtime since the mid 90's, and Pip McCaslin provides great local service at really competitive prices.  He can take care of it all-- CD's, DVD's, full runs, short runs, artwork, green packaging, special requests, whatever you need.  And his turn-around is super quick. I have used Realtime for 6 of my CD projects, and will continue to use them in the future for CD and DVD duplication.  If you want superb service, great prices, and top quality merchandise-- contact Realtime. You won't be disappointed!

- Lisa Koch (Dos Fallopia/ Tongueinchic Records)

I'm a return customer with Realtime: 100 copies of a cassette (1993) a CD with 6 panel digipack (2003) a short run of 100 CD's (2004) a short run of 200 CD's with a cardboard sleeve (2011).   I keep going back because Pip does his work impeccably.  If your artwork is going to look like crap, he'll send it back and tell you what you need to do.  I've never heard a complaint about one of my CDs (or cassettes) not looking or sounding exactly as it should.  When I'm forking out cash like this, I don't want to interact with a website, I want to work with a human who knows his stuff and will communicate very clearly with me.  Pip's the guy!

- Scott Adams (birds may bite)


Proper job! Thank you for your sterling work. You just took our live concert album and new studio album away from Discmakers!

- Chad Stuart (Chad and Jeremy)

I have worked with Pip at Realtime for almost 20 years and let me tell you...he's the best.  Pip will take care of you from start to finish on any size project.  He provides great local service at really competitive prices and keeping it local is a big issue with me.  I want my hard earned dollars to stay local! Go with'll NEVER be sorry unlike going with those huge duplication houses.

- Mike (Crushcoat/ All Hail The Crown)


I was clueless about duplicating, well, anything, and Pip made everything so easy and fast!  I've done several projects with Realtime and haven't had one hitch.  He's accessible, friendly and knows his stuff.

- Amy Lang (Birds + Bees + Kids)


Pip - thanx so much for the rush job!  They turned out great.

- Debbie (Skagit Valley Gardens)


Thanx Pip!  You did a fabulous job!

- Dina Blade


Pip runs a tight ship at Realtime and is ever willing to help you do it in the least expensive way.  He duplicated my first cassette in '98 and just completed my most expensive project to date without a hitch.  As a returning customer, through at least 4 projects, without reservation, I tell you, know-how will save you grief!  You'll be glad you chose Realtime.

- Sheryl Diane (Dream Carnival)

Pip – your professionalism and attention to detail lets me sleep at night, the folks at National Resophonic and Boeing were really pleased with the final product.

- David Livingston (Windward Communications Group)


Thanx for the killer work on our CD, and thanx for getting them to us on schedule.  I most appreciate not having to worry about supply when I need to be focusing on putting the show together, rehearsing new material and checking gear.  Everyone is extremely pleased with how well they turned out!

- Kurt (Cathouse Blues Band).


Thank you Pip!  You are wonderful and your price is great, thank you so so much!  They sound and look absolutely amazing, I couldn't be happier :)  Have a wonderful week and I'll keep in touch about the release party.

- Carrie Clarke (and The Lonesome Lovers)


Thanx for everything!  We are so pumped about how great everything came out!  'Till next time!

- Fysah (Black Cherry Crush)


Pip is determined to treat your project with the respect it may or may not deserve.

- Conrad Uno (Egg Studio/ Popllama Products)


Excellent!  Great to have you there, Pip!  Thanx, as always.

- David Lanz


Thanx Pip!!  We appreciate your support and your ability to meet tight schedules.

- Sue Mann (Roosevelt High School Jazz)


Pip- we are so grateful for your support and assistance during the creation of our Celebrate Skagit Audio Tour CD.  Thank you for your graciousness and talents in helping us achieve this goal.

- Leadership Skagit (Team Celebrate Skagit)


Just so you know, I do try to send folks your way when I can.  I am all for using the non-corporate solution always!

- Johnny Sangster (


Discmakers pressed my disc... and never again ... local is better...

- Sandra Locklear (Thundereye Music)


CDs look and sound great - thanx.

- David


Wendy was very pleased!!! You are great to work with Pip!  

- Lynn Grotsky (The Righteous Mothers)


Thank you so very much for the speed!

- Anita (Experience Music Project)


Thanks for being great to work with...




Dear Pip, I've been thinking about you and hoping that the rest of your shots went okay and that there are no residuals from the teeth marks. A man's legs and ankles are important.  Thanks for the Bungee discount.  Your friend,

- Michael Tomlinson


Thanx!  Everything looks great.

- Andy


Thanx, Pip.  You guys do a beautiful job!



Thanx for helping us meet our deadline.  Look forward to working with you again.

- Paul (Last Fair Deal)


Pip, thank you so much. I have really put heart and soul into this song and it's such a tight timeline.  I appreciate you helping me to get it out in time for his tribute.

- Michael Tomlinson


Pip - they are beautiful!!  Nice work.

- Ken Waldman (Alaska's Fiddling Poet)


Thanx Pip, for a speedy and professional-looking job.

- Amorah


Thanx so much for a great job and service on our CD!

- Gordon (Peninsula Men's Gospel Singers)


Thanx so much for a job so well done.

- Ken Oberg


Good job!  Thanks!



Thanks soooo much.  Great job!!  Mucho Gusto!!  Talk to ya soon.

- Bill (& Mark)


Thanx Pip!!  We love the CDs.

- Andy Miller (Paundy)


Thanx Pip.  Here's a bunch of money for the CDs.  Hope to see you real soon.

- Ben Thompson (Lux, Saltmine Creative, The Paper Dolls)


Everyone loves the design.  We're all astonished to have it done so well and so quickly.

- Nancy Rawles (My Jim)


The CDs look great.  Thanx so much for the quick turnaround time!

-Anna Schaad (Raven Fiddle Productions)


I really appreciate the excellent quality you produced in both the disc printing as well as help with the formatting principles for the cover.  Many many thanks!

- Tom Ehrlichman (John's son)


Pip-eroo, the CDs look great!  Thank you very much.

- Mary


Just a note to let you know how pleased we at Rinso are with the sound of our first release.  We shall call you for all our fine sonic reproduction needs as you are truly the best.  Your pal -

- Mike (Magnaaflux/ Rinso Records)


Thanx to the 10th power again for the spectacular job you did on my project.  I must thank Beth Kolle again for steering me in your direction.

- Paula Lalish


Thanx for helping us with the duplication of "A Murder of Crows".  As always, it was a pleasure working with you.  Looking forward to sending more business your way!

- Patrick


Thanx, as always, for great work.

- Jami


Pip - thanx for all your help and great work -- we are really happy with the way the CDs turned out.  Thrash on.

- Hook and the Daggers


Thanx Pip!  Beautiful results!

- Curtis


Thanx Old Bean!

- Chad Stuart (Chad & Jeremy)


Beautiful work.  Thanx for your professionalism.  It was a pleasure.

- Jesse


Pip,  thanx for your great service.  You are a fine man.

- Ffej